Ocean Action Project

84 applications, 10 finalists and six winners. A new wave of ocean protection has begun.

Ocean Action Project

Almost 3,000 people voted in the 2013 Ocean Action Project helping to propel ocean protection priorities locally. Projects are action-oriented and strategically address the root causes of marine debris or shark & ray protection issues. 

The winning Ocean Action Projects for 2013 are:

  • Ecotourism and Awareness for Manta Ray Conservation, Planeta Oceano, Peru
  • Protecting Sharks and Rays from Fishing Boats in the Andaman Sea, Blue Guru Conservation, Thailand
  • What Goes Around Comes Around - Communicating  Marine Debris Science Through Visual Arts, The Plastic Ocean Project, USA
  • Thailand eShark Project, Shark Guardian, Thailand
  • The Great Fiji Shark Count, Fiji Dive Operators, Fiji Islands
  • This Project is Rubbish! South African Shark Conservancy, South Africa

We believe that a strong grassroots movement paired with Project AWARE's work to drive policy forward can build a strong wave for ocean protection.

You can check out the progress and achievements from the Ocean Action Projects 2012 as well as stay tuned as our new projects begin to take force.