Action Highlights

As with Action Scuba, we are a 100% AWARE dive store, during dive #4 of the PADI Search & Recovery specialty I always bring my students to pick up trash as part of the performance requirements.


On May 10, 2014, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., The Dive Shop held their annual Splash for Trash event at Himalaya Bay.  Trash was collected both underwater and on land.  Approximately 733 lbs. of trash was collected on land in the areas bordering the ocean in the 10 hour period. Eighteen people participated this year.  Items collected included:

634 - plastic bags, food wrappers, cups and plates

733 - styrofoam cups, bowls, plates, food containers, meat trays

177 - glass beverage bottles

151 - Aluminum beverage cans and pull tabs


We did a DAD at La Jolla Shores on 5-14-14 and, luckily, did not see too much debris, but brought back a little. Too little to weigh, which is unusual: last time, we brought back quite a bit of material. Will log that dive as well. 

We've had a busy few weeks with the influx of whale sharks in Utila so our snorkel cleans had fallen by the wayside a little. However we brought it back today with a whopping 54 pounds (25 kilos) collected between just 6 of us! MORE

Thanks to all for participating in our Earth Day Cleanup at Mosquito Pier. We removed more than 40lbs of monofilament (wonder how many miles that is?), lots of cans, bottles and 2 old lobster traps (we were able to release all the critters that were trapped in them).


We had another successful underwater cleanup on Sunday April 26th.  We were rained out on Saturday but nine volunteers cleaned up different parts of Little Pond in Morton Park, Plymouth MA on Sunday where we have conducted underwater cleanups at for many years.  Each year the pond looks better and this year we all saw more groups of small fish and more Turtles in different areas of the pond.  Many Thanks to all of our volunteers that made a differece this weekend!


On Saturday, April 19, 2014, seventy-seven volunteer divers gathered at Dive Friends Bonaire @ Dive Inn for the latest quarterly clean up dive.  The dive site being targeted for a “spring clean” was the South Pier.  South Pier was definitely in need of a clean because it is a popular destination for fishermen as well as the main pier used for cargo deliveries and cruise ships.


Excellent and productive day. 

We began the day with an orientation and a small lecture regarding reef ecology, marine debris and shark finning. 

The beach clean up followed with great success. Manage to collect around 10 kg of rubbish in only a short hour.

After a well deserved lunch break we headed out into the ocean to clean our local dive site 'Sairee reef'. With a shallow dive for over an hour we collected over 10 kg off assorted debris spread out over an area of 100 meters squared.


Tampa Bay Green Consortium sponsored a dive cleanup in coordination with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup 2014 event at Ballast Point Park and Pier on April 12, 2014.  

During this year’s Tampa-wide event, only one location in Tampa conducted a special cleanup that included both a coastal cleanup and a dive cleanup at the same location.


Today, DiveVersity Piscadera organized together with the United States Air Force a succesfull beach and Reef clean up.

Everyone was meeting this morning and were organized in little groups. Some where diving and others walked along the shoreline. With a total of almost 20 people we were able to clean the entire area between the Mega pier and the Piscadera Bay.

Besides having a good time, everyone enjoyed using their diving skills to clean up the Curacao reefs. We collected all together around 250 lbs in one morning.