Action Highlights

The Dive Against Debris on Saturday 22nd August at Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas was a huge success! We had 27 volunteers come along and had perfect Caribbean weather; Sunny and calm. The divers brought up a variety of debris including fish traps and rope. Fishing line was the most frequent piece of trash that was brought up,  83 pieces in total! The combined weight of all the trash was around 45 lbs.

After the dive the atmosphere was jovial, people chatted and joked, lots of jumping into the ocean and having fun! The whole boat had a great time.


On May 28th 2015 at Poni Divers Brunei we ran our first ever Dive Against Debris Specialty Course!

The dives were led by PADI Master Instructor Johnny Hayward with assistance from PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Selina Tang.

In total we had 4 student divers take the course: Dave Mitchell, Kieran White & Andrew Mead who are all working towards their PADI Master Scuba Diver Certification, and Colin Mead who is already certified as PADI Divemaster.


Deciding to run the Isle of Wight Half Marathon for Project Aware was easy! The training and the fundraising was a different story.

My boyfriend Shaun and I were, at the time living on different sides of the world and used the Endomondo app on our phones to train together.

To be honest we were a bit slack with the training and personally I wasn't sure I'd make the 13 miles!

Fundraising started slowly but we received a lot of support and fundraising tips from Orsi and we managed to reach over our target of $200.


We had a really successful Padi ladies diving day on Saturday. 

We hosted Miss Scuba UK Discover scuba diving session in which five participants took part and throughly enjoyed the experience plus we had other candidates on the day who also did the Discover scuba diving session.


Ocean Plastics Awareness Day - Their Royal Highnesses talk to Dive Against Debris Volunteers UK


6th April 2015 saw a massive clean-up operation undertaken by Bolton Area Divers.

50 Students, Staff and Club members, together with their families turned out in force to take part in our first ever Dive Against Debris and Beach Clean up.

The Event took place in Trearddur Bay, Anglesey. The whole day ran from 9am to 4.30pm.

Following initial registration, people of all ages attended various briefings before getting stuck in!

Due to the large number of participants, Divers were divided up over three dive sites, depending on their levels of experience.


Sunday 7th June 2015: 8 of the toughest swimmers in Grand Turk donned their mask and fins, jumped into The Big Blue and trekked it 2 miles down the island all unified by one common cause- A better world for sharks.


At 5 of June 2015 we make the first step to clean the port of Sifnos island in Greece. Its a very pretty place but nobody ever dive there or collect even one trush from the water because they didn't had the right equipments and organization to do it. Sifnos Diving Center team with the help of the local marine port, decide to protect our underwater treasure. We did a lot of work and we still have many dives to do until we clean it all. Many trash cans from tourists and tires from tracks that the locals use to tight there boats. We remove more than 20 tires and still has a lot.


New Zealand Underwater Association (NZUA) was lucky enough to be asked by Kelly Tarlton’s Sealife Aquarium to assist with a Project AWARE Dive for Debris as part of their World Ocean Day activities on June 8th.  Okahu Bay Wharf was the chosen site, just across the road from Kelly Tarlton’s, a popular fishing and sightseeing spot. We suspected there would be plenty of rubbish to retrieve!