Action Scuba Beach Clean-up - Little Cayman, Point of Sands

We love Little Cayman - it's one of our favorite scuba diving destinations (besides Montreal of course). 

Point of Sands
Cayman Islands
19° 41' 59.3124" N, 79° 57' 50.9796" W
Friday, March 9, 2012 - 22:30

So every year when we visit Little Cayman, we head out to the far end of the island to Point of Sands to conduct a Dive Against Debris. OK, in this case, a snorkel against debris. 

This being the tip of the island, Point of Sands acts as a collector for all of the garbage in the ocean. Every year we clean the beach, and every year we find more and more debris when we return.

And sadly, most of it is garbage thrown from boats or discarded by careless picnickers: food containers, beer bottles, etc. 

This year we'll record the debris and submit it to Project AWARE.

It's our hope that someday everyone will understand that just because you throw it in the ocean, it doensn't disappear!