AWARE Coral Reef Conservation course

Coral protection is urgent as scientists state that 19 percent of the world's reefs are already dead and they predict we may have only eight to 10 years before climate change destroys reefs as we know them.

AWARE Coral Reef Conservation course
Sea Hounds
136 Owen Road
1° 18' 51.5808" N, 103° 51' 9.1908" E
Wednesday, June 8, 2011 - 03:30 - 06:31

 But there's still hope for these extraordinary, invaluable resources to survive. Become aware of the fragility of the coral reefs and how you can help to preserve them through the AWARE Coral Reef Conservation course.

You will learn about the vital role coral reefs play in the marine environment.  You will also learn about the function and importance of coral reefs, it's current state, serious threats affecting them and what you can do to prevent further decline through the Project AWARE Foundation.