Black Beard Sports International Coastal Clean Up Day

Black Beard Sports International Coastal Clean Up Day
Mosquito Pier (Rompe Olas) Vieques 00765
Puerto Rico
18° 8' 52.1124" N, 65° 30' 48.726" W
Saturday, September 17, 2011 - 09:00 - 12:00

INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEAN UP - Rompe Olas (Mosquito Pier), Vieques: Each year, volunteers on Vieques show they care about their coasts by flocking to the beaches to clean up and document the trash they find. Black Beard Sports is proud to coordinate cleanup efforts at Mosquito PIer. If you would like to volunteer, please contact or call 787-741-1892. This is a rain-­or-­shine event, but may be postponed in the event of a severe storm.


The problem of marine debris does not necessarily start in the ocean, but is dumped further inland and washed down into the oceans. Statistics from the 1999 ICC showed that 59% of debris collected was from land sources. Each year there is a vast increase in the number of marine animals injured or entangled in debris found in the oceans. Turtles mistake floating plastic bags as food and thousands of seals, whales, dolphins, sharks and birds die from entanglement in fishing line and other debris.
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Black Beard Sports is the only PADI Dive Center on the Island of Vieques.

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