Cleanup Action - Rio Dulce, Argentina!


Cleanup Action - Rio Dulce, Argentina!
Rio Dulce Beach
close to Diego de Rojas Street
Santiago del Estero 4200
27° 46' 59.5272" S, 64° 15' 52.2936" W
Saturday, April 6, 2013 - 10:30

Ecology and Environmental Conservation students from the Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero are organizing for the first time an initiative to clean its main river, Rio Dulce. The river is extremely important for the local economy of the city, serving as a touristic attraction and fishing source.

Nevertheless, due to the lack of control and policies, the river suffers severe contamination from industrial and human waste.

Additionally, the construction of a new fluvial route for commercial vessels expropriated and destroyed an urban natural reserve.

If you are interested in joining this action or would like to have further information regarding it, please contact Florencia Arias ( If you prefer or if you do not speak Spanish, you can also send me a message.