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Cleanup Day North Harbor (Norra Hamnen) Helsingborg

Cleanup Day North Harbor Helsingborg!

Cleanup Day North Harbor (Norra Hamnen) Helsingborg
North Harbor Helsingborg Helsingborg
56° 3' 0.612" N, 12° 41' 5.5104" E
Saturday, October 20, 2012 - 10:00 - 18:00

We continue our work to do our best to keep our underwater marine environment as clean and free from debris as we can!
This time we are going to clean the northern port of Helsingborg. There is unfortunately a lot of debris under the surface and it contaminates our underwater environment.

On Saturday October 20th we will pick up as much as we can. We have ensured that there will be a large container in place so we can "throw" everything we pick up.

We meet at the dive center at 10:00 to pick up the diving equipment we need, then we go to North Harbour and starts our "divecleaning"!