Earth Day - Ras Mohammed Clean Up

Two boats, 22 divers, 4 dive guides in the Red Sea.   All volunteers to spend an afternoon of their holiday doing an underwater cleanup in a small bay within the amazing Ras Mohammed National Park. 

Earth Day - Ras Mohammed Clean Up
Oonas Dive Club
Na'ama Bay
Sharm El Sheikh
27° 49' 21.6516" N, 34° 15' 53.9424" E
Monday, April 22, 2013 - 14:00

The bay is especially popular with snorkelling boats and day trippers because of its amazing vibrant and shallow corals and fabulous fish life.  However, as a result of its popularity, the bay suffers from much litter and debris from the shore and the boats.  Our divers are keen to collect as much rubbish as possible to return the bay to a haven of marine life without the ugly and destructive distraction of plastic cups and crisp packets.

Good luck guys and thank you!