Fishnet removal Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Trincomalee's reefs are beautiful, unfortunately some of them covered in fishnets. hundrets of fish die every month because they get entangeled in them. LET US TAKE ACTION AND REMOVE THEM!!!!

Fishnet removal Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
Chaaya Blu, Trincomalee, Office International Diving Center
We are located in the Chaaya Blu Hotel, Trincomalee
Sri Lanka
8° 36' 31.8888" N, 81° 13' 10.2756" E
Sunday, May 12, 2013 - 09:00

Sunday, 9 am, we meet in front of the INTERNATIONAL DIVING CENTER


Let me know when you are coming, my local number is 0772387296


In Trincomalee the diving season just started, over six months the crew of the International Diving Center did not have a look at the beautiful divesites which this place offers, our Instructors have not been diving here at all. The situation was shocking. Fishnets are covering the place, on every dive we find fishes entangled in lines, which are also hazardous for divers.
Our Instructors Lydia and Malinda decided that it is time for a reef clean up. Together with the great help of Georgie and Dhaya from Nature Trails and the help of the Chaaya Blu Hotel, which sponsored two boats and lunch packages, we managed to clean about two hundred meters of the divesite at Swami- Rock, which is just below the Koneshram temple.
On Sunday, the 12th of May, it took nine divers (International Diving Center staff, Customers, Georgie from Nature trails and Praveen from The Dive Shop) about three hours to clear the area of the fishnets.
The conditions were rough since cyclone Mahasan made the ocean wild. Wind, waves and rain made it difficult for even the experienced divers. Also the bottom was silty and the removing of the nets stirred up the bottom and the visibility was poor.
But as time and tank pressure moved on, we removed net after net, the place started to look different. In the end we filled one of the boats to the maximum capacity, 250 kg of trash. Everyone was tired but satisfied with the result.
We freed a lot of fishes, but the number of wildlife this action will overall protect is enormous. Still, we just cleaned a little patch. For the future we would like to organize a monthly clean-up. Every support, financial or in the form of enthusiastic divers who give us an extra hand, are more than welcome.
Even though the coral reefs of Trincomalee are known for their beauty, they are not protected yet. Overfishing and dynamite fishing are some well-known problems which we have to work against for the protection of the ocean.

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