Fishnet removal Trincomalee, Sri Lanka: PART 2, LET US GO AGAIN!

Now it's time to dive again AGAINST DEBRIS. Meetingpoint: 9 am in front of the International Diving Center.

Fishnet removal Trincomalee, Sri Lanka: PART 2, LET US GO AGAIN!
Meeting Point at Chaaya Blue Hotel in front of the "International Diving Center"
Upaveli beach, Trincomalee
Sri Lanka
8° 41' 15.9792" N, 81° 12' 12.1824" E
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 20:30


The International Diving Center, The Dive Shop, Poseidon Diving Station, Sri Lankan Diving Tours, Ypsylon Diving Center,Blue Deep Diving Center,Cinnamon Nature Trails and the Chaaya Blu Hotel is planning another "Dive against debris" as part of the ongoing monthly campaign to rid the beautiful coral reefs of the debris that threatens them. The first "Dive Against Debris" was very successful (250kg of marine debris).

Also we would like to contribute to crucial data monitoring the pollution of the worlds oceans and implement adequately protection for the future.


We will meet at the International Dive Center, but other Divecenters cooperation is highly appreciated, let us all work together to keep our working place clean and safe!

Also, Divers with a certain amount of experience are invited. We are limeted in boat capacity and equipment, so please let us know in advance that you join. contact Lydia at  or find information on our facebook event page:



Can't wait for us all to dive again, in support of our oceans! :)

3 years ago