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Meeks Bay, United States

39.035986, -120.121019

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Lake Tahoe provides unique opportunities for all levels of Diver. Our Goal is to simply keep it as we found it. We support "ALL" efforts to routinely monitor, collect and record debris found in Our Lake. As Divers, we are dedicated to Keeping Lake Tahoe Blue... From the inside out!

JOIN  "Keep Lake Tahoe Blue Divers Group," Dive Against

At minimum please Post to your FaceBook Wall.

We would be glad to record your findings and or Help you Organize a Dive Against Debris Event.


Keep Lake Tahoe Blue Divers Group on

Our June Event... If you have a "Keep Tahoe Blue" sticker on your Dive Cylinder you may be randomly picked to WIN a Dive Prize!!!
Scavanger Hunt as well...

Thank You...


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