NSU Finathon™ Encourages Swimming to End Finning

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is ‘FINatical’ about sharks and will join thousands of scuba divers around the world in swimming to end finning. On Sunday July 28 at the NSU Aquatic Center Competition Pool in Davie, Florida, the NSU Shark community will swim to raise much-needed funds for shark protection.

NSU Finathon™ Encourages Swimming to End Finning
NSU’s Aquatic Center Competition Pool
United States
25° 47' 59.6076" N, 78° 23' 54.3768" W
Sunday, July 28, 2013 - 09:00 - 10:00


Swimmers, divers, instructors, families, guests, and schools are encouraged to join the NSU Finathon™ and be champions for sharks. “Nova Southeastern University is passionate about environmental protection,” says Tec Clark, associate director for aquatics and scuba diving at NSU. “We have the Guy Harvey Research Institute, the Save Our Seas Shark Centre, world-class shark researcher Dr. Mahmood Shivji, and even our mascot is a shark.  This Finathon is another way to show that the NSU Sharks are committed to saving sharks.”


Together, water enthusiasts have a powerful, collective voice to secure protection for endangered shark species worldwide.