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Project AWARE Beach CLEAN UP!!!!

SAN DIEGO, United States

32.760322, -117.247181

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                    HOUSE OF SCUBA PRESENTS


       House of SCUBA is very enthusiastic about promoting S.A.F.E and clean diving!  Our 2012 commitment is to bring back at least one piece of trash with every dive. Our overall goal is keep our oceans,rivers, bays, lakes, brooks etc debris free.  ALL WE NEED IF YOUR HELP!!!  PLEASE join us on SATURDAY,FEBURARY 4 2012 for a group clean up!

WHO CAN JOIN?    Kids! Kayakers! Grandparents! Snorkelers! Free Divers! SCUBA Divers!

     EARN YOUR PROJECT AWARE SPECIALTY!!! ( Don't need to be a certified SCUBA diver)      By learning about how we can DIVE AGAINST DEBRIS and how to keep our beaches clean.     

                Join together to gather and record debris data for scientist!

      CELEBRATE our clean-up with a beach BBQ and RAFFLE!!! You could be a winner!!!

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