Underwater Lake & Beach Cleanup

Underwater Lake & Beach Cleanup
Sylvan Lake Cleanup
Main Pier Area
Sylvan Lake, AB
52° 18' 45.2592" N, 114° 5' 26.2104" W
Sunday, September 23, 2012 - 09:00 - 14:00

WANTED: SCUBA DIVERS to pick-up trash underwater
PADDLERS (preferably in canoes) to bring it into shore
SHORE Volunteers needed to record & dispose of trash!
PLEASE RSVP TO: info@albertaunderwatercouncil.com
9 AM: REGISTRATION/WAIVERS & Gear Set-up: Main Pier area, Sylvan Lake, AB
(watch for Dive Flag Signs roadside)
10 AM SHARP: SAFETY BRIEFING—same location followed by the lake cleanup
event start for scuba divers, canoe/kayak launch, & kids to help clean-up shoreline
Noon: BBQ LUNCH provided free to all participants by the Town of Sylvan Lake, with
additional prize draws from sponsors!
Town of Sylvan Lake, Friends of Sylvan Lake & Local Businesses,
Northwest Scuba, The Dive Outfitters and the Scuba Diving Community of Alberta