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Dive Against Debris # 6 & 7 - We have done it!!!


So, weekends  have passed...

Dive Against Debris # 6 and 7 for the World Whale and Dolphin Day  is completed!    

Unfortunately participate in actions could only a small part of our group. Together with my buddy we have made two dives in hot water of a reservoir in the Desnogorsk city. 

  It was really hot! Water temperature was +36 degrees! We declared hunting to fishing nets. For two dives we have got many fragments of fishing nets, a fishing lines, lead fishing sinkers, feeding troughs and other fishing tackles.   It were two most attractive dives  in local conditions. Low visibility,  hot water, dangerous snags and nets...  Harmonious work of the buddies - one of us holds a bag and collects trash, another gets a knife and cuts nets. Understanding of that that we do great work and the hunting passion force to forget about all. And only air in the tank limits our time of stay under water. So,  grand total our work - more then 50 fragments of fishing lines and nets, 28 lead fishing sinkers, many other fishing tackles, glass and plastic bottles one fishing rod...  I think  it`s not bad for a couple of dreaming dolphins... Isn`t it, buddy?  ;-) 
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