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A Green Spring Break: Bringing our passion for the planet to Little Cayman


When someone says Spring Break, most people immediately think of parties and drinking. But at Action Scuba Montreal, we`re a little different. Our idea of a good time is spending time admiring the beauty of our underwater world and doing our part to protect it.

So this spring break, we`re headed back to Little Cayman with a group of aware divers to appreciate the wonders of Bloody Bay Wall & Marine Park.

And while we`re there, we`re planning on continuing with our efforts to educate divers about the role they play in preserving our ocean for future generations

We have a number of Aware activities planned for our trip:

1 - we`re offering the Aware Shark Conservation Diver Specialty course at a very, very special price of only $49. We`re waiving all of our instructor fees and store revenues for this course because we are so passionate about this cause. Students taking this course will also get the special AWARE version of the card because we`ll make a $10 donation to Project AWARE on their behalf. We are encouraging all those who take the course to match or exceed our donation.

2 - We`re organising a Dive Against Debris / Beach Clean-up at Point of Sands at the tip of Little Cayman, where the current deposits all the debris discarded in the ocean. We`ll submit our data to Project AWARE to help track the state of the ocean in this area.

3 - Working with our friends at Reef Divers, we`ll discuss and observe the growing lionfish invasion and assess the impacts on the native marine life.

4 - We`ll teach the Advanced Open Water course to a number of our divers, placing special emphasis on improving and maintaining good buoyancy in order to protect the reef and the fragile ocean ecosystem.

5 - We`ll teach the Digital Underwater Photographer course, again emphasising the need to take only pictures, leave only bubbles. Many new underwater photographers forget about their buoyancy and respect for the reef in their rush to capture the perfect photos. We`ll be working with our students to ensure they balance the two needs. 

We`ll report back from Little Cayman in the coming weeks, and share updates on the state of this marine park we all love so much.

Happy diving everyone!

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