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Shark Conservation Specialty Class held in Florida - Jupiter Dive Center



On Saturday, January 14, 2012 Jupiter Dive Center in Jupiter, FL held a Project Aware Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Course.  Students gathered at the shop in the morning for class and then headed offshore for a 2 tank dive.  Specialty Instructors Heather Anderson and Amy Lesh led the class

A lot of good discussion took place during the classroom portion.  One student had eaten shark fin soup once having been unaware of the shark finning situation.  Students talked about the recent changes to Florida laws prohibiting the taking of hammerhead or tiger sharks versus the lack of Federal laws.  Overall awareness was raised, conservation efforts will be made and sharks have a few more advocates than they did the day before.

After lunch the class loaded onto Jupiter Dive Center’s Republic IV and went offshore for 2 afternoon dives.  It was a little chilly for Florida, air temperatures being in the 60s and water temperature being 73.  On the first dives divers saw Caribbean Reef, Lemon  and Nurse sharks.  During the second dive they saw Caribbean Reef and Nurse sharks.  

It was a great day with a great group.  There are 16 new Shark Conservation Specialist Divers today!

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