dirty people

we have a big problem here in turkey due to the fact that there is no education about saving your environment and especially about saving and keep the ocean clean. as soon as you put your head under water there is thousands and thousands of debris parts under water. people throw their things in the water and see nothing about it any more. but we, divers and the people who care see it. the fish and underwater life know it. there is a very unhealthy environment here, what you never have seen before. help me to make antalya clean again!


The comments might be helpful

The comments might be helpful too, in some cases. Good luck! oyun

5 years ago

people here think that

people here think that fishing is making good money, but they forget that our sea is aleady almost empty. when they do it with a rod there is for me no problem, but as soon as they start to do it with a harpoon and at night. taking the fish who planning to lay eggs, i have big problems with this..

5 years ago