Cleanup October 2010

This Saturday everyone at BICD took time out of their busy diving schedules to go... diving. But this time we all went armed with net sacks and cleaned up rubbish.

Cleanup October 2010

The crystal clear waters around the reefs around Utila are mainly rubbish free, largely thanks to the efforts of all the dive shops on the island promoting good practise regarding looking after our reef. Unfortunately, around about some of the docks it's an altogether different story.

Here's a sampling of what we managed to collect off the dock at The Cays:

  • A complete plastic garden furniture set (2 chairs and 1 table)
  • 2 umbrellas
  • A power drill
  • A Tellytubbie toy
  • A scuba mask with 1 missing lens
  • A portable barbecue
  • A lot of plastic bottles (including one unopened bottle of iced tea)
  • You can see more photos of our efforts in our Facebook album.

    We'll be back next year, but in the meantime, please help keep our oceans clean!