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Reef Shark Awareness


Malapascua Island has the luxury of being able to offer great chances of seeing sharks.  Monad Shoal is only twenty minutes away, and is the ony place on the planet where thresher sharks can be sighted on a reliable daily basis !!!  Also the incredible Gato Island is very close, where divers have a very high chance of seeing white-tipped reef sharks.  For a few months each year, we are also graced by the presence of hammerhead sharks at Kimud Shoal.  The dive staff at Malapascua's dive centres are very passionate about these creatures, and offer two PADI Specialty courses to help educate divers about the biology and behaviour of these magnificent predators – Thresher Shark Diver & Reef Shark Awareness.  These courses also inform participants about the plight of sharks and various conservation projects established on their behalf.

The Reef Shark Awareness course is now also available to our IDC candidates as a PADI Specialty Instructor rating, so more people can help spread the word about how we can help keep shark numbers healthy.

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