Coral monitoring on a new reef in Nusa Lembongan

Our latest student - Diane was out with Andrew on CoralWatch monitoring surveys of two reefs today.

Coral monitoring on a new reef in Nusa Lembongan

New Monitoring Site...

During the PADI distinctive specialty course they conducted a survey at a new site - yet to be named! The divesite is a beautiful sloping coral garden which drops steeply into the deep Cenningan Channel full of overhangs and gulleys. Sharks, rays, abundant fish and healthy corals were all around! Check out the Blue Corner Facebook Page with upcoming pictures and a vote for the name of the new divesite!

Mangrove Reef Long Term Monitoring Site...

The second survey was at Mangrove Reef as part of our continuous monitoring program of the reef. For the latest data of Mangrove Reef Check check out the data on CoralWatch's interactive website, or from our Marine Biology section of Blue Corner's professional website.