Diving in Aqaba this time next week…

I can’t wait and I’m even more exited to learn that two globally endangered turtles were recently found and then released back into the Gulf of Aqaba after fishermen found them trapped.

Diving in Aqaba this time next week…


The loggerhead sea turtle, an endangered species, was found trapped in a plastic bag and the hawksbill, a critically endangered subspecies, was inadvertently caught by fishermen. Both were reported to the Aqaba Marine Park who examined them and then returned them back to the sea. 


The local fishermen could have sold them for high prices but, because they were aware of their global importance, they alerted the authorities instead – something all Jordanian fishermen can be proud of!


(Image from: The Jordan Times)


On a completely unrelated note, what is it with British wetsuits?


This is a random observation, and has nothing to do with marine conservation, but I’m looking to buy a wetsuit in the UK and they’re all lacklustre in colour or just black.


Is it the dull, unimaginative British weather that influences retailers or is it the divers that are swaying the sellers?