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Shark Raving Mad!!!

As part of Project AWARE’s April activities Camel staff are Shouting Out for Sharks in 4 exciting ways. We will hold a fundraising quiz night with free curry buffet on Tuesday 24th; Eco Tribe coordinator Cath signed up to become an AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Instructor; our divers continue to show their support by filling in the Give Sharks a Fighting Chance Petition; and to coincide with Earth Day, both instructors and guests are to keep the shark habitat tidy with a mega underwater clean up on April 22nd. Participants of the clean up event will also receive a nice cold complimentary bottle of local 'nectar' at our Diver's Night :-) Last October we collected 147 signatures on the petition to pledge the desire for (among other things) improved shark trade data collection by taking national action to list all species proposed at CITES (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species)2010 on Appendix III before the next CITES meeting in 2013.
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Get ready for Shark Week, July 23-30
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