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Operation World Ocean Day!


June 8th, 1400 hours: Eco Tribe and the Grand Rotana Camel Dive Club team perform Operation World Ocean Day.  Armed with knives, lift bags and household gloves, the enemy - Underwater Debris - didn't stand a chance!


As we stealthily approached the battlefield at Eagle Ray Bay, we could smell fear in the water column.  We were prepared to take the litter dead or alive and had vegetable bag traps at the ready. Thankfully the fishing line had taken no prisoners but still, there was to be no mercy here today. 


One hour later and the carnage returned to peace.  Sargassam frog fish were given freedom at long last from the plastic bag cages and Agropora could breathe again, relieved of the torturous wooden plank.  40 meters of old rope gave up it's hold on the reef and a total of 50 kilos was taken down (or should that be up??) by our brave warriors.  Victory for conservation, failure for the evils of debris. 



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