Dive Show donations

The Birmingham DIVE show was a very busy one for Camel Dive Club.  It was also a perfect opportunity to present our donations to Project AWARE and the Shark Trust. 

Dive Show donations

During 2012, a limited edition Marine Man print by graphic artist Ian Churchill was available in our Tribe shop.  Ian kindly allowed ALL proceeds to go to a charity of our choosing.  We decided on Project AWARE.  Orsi Fulop said it was "a fantastic achievement and one we are very grateful for". In addition, 10% of 6 months of sales from our exclusive hammerhead design t-shirt, resulted in a donation to the Shark Trust for all their good work.  Ali Hood, director of conservation, was very excited in telling us that they would be doing more work with Project AWARE next year and to keep an eye out for their new campaigns. 


Thank you for your fantastic

Thank you for your fantastic efforts and support throughout 2013 Camel Dive Club. You are awesome and we are so proud to have you on board with us heading into 2014.

2 years ago