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Sightings at Stuart Coves Dive Bahamas


Hey guys. I just felt inspired to do a blog entry as we are having crazy wildlife sightings here at Stuart Coves withing the last month. This winter has been particularly mild and our water temperature staying at the same level for a long time, we believe this is keeping our species that we see more in I winter around a little longer!!!! Withing the last month we have had daily sightings of 2-7 large eagle rays at specific sights. The animals seem to have chose this area for mating or feeding and have been there every day for a good month!!! Also today we witnessed 2 loggerheads in full mating courtship for over an hour. Our photo team got amazing footage and pictures of the act!!!! Now for the sharks!!! Shark sightings have for sure been on the increase- a wonderful sign that the Bahamas making there waters a no shark fishing zone is working wonders. A tiger shark (juvenile still with spots) has been spotted at the same sight on multiple occasions. Hammerhead sightings are up and all out boats on adjacent dive sights all saw the same hammer, patrolling the wall a few days ago. It was again spotted in the afternoon!!!! I hope this wildlife trend continues! Eagles rays , hammers and tigers oh my!!!!! 

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