Stuart Coves opinion of Australian Shark Cull

We at Suart Cove stongly oppose the shark cull of  Australia! We find it discuting that the govenrment have approved the culling of any shark above 3m. This included whales sharks, tigers, whites. With the shark population already decimated, we as humans are continuing to add to the oceans destrcution. The cull orginated due to a handful of bites. Ignoring the fact that obesity, coconuts, dogs, cars, cows or hippos kill thousands more people a year than sharks, we seem to target these animals. Here we work with sharks on a daily basis, they are like family to us, and we cant understand this ridiculous decision of which will not prevent any more bites. It is their ocean, if we choose to enter it, we accept the risk. We do not expect a medieval retaliation if we are bitten. Thos responsible for this cull, wake up and stop this fololishness. Please sign the petition below to save the sharks!!/supportoursharks