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Brains over Braun - removing marine debris at sea turtle nesting beaches


This great video our team captured shows the very end of a triumphant process of entangline 15lbs of rope and netting, dangerous marine debris, from a pile of sticks and logs along the leatherback sea turtle nesting beach near Estacion Las Tortugas, along the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

We used our brains to quickly unravel the knotty puzzle created by this mess! At first, helpers wanted to pull and push and grabbed knives and tools. Jamming a knife into tough rope with several other pairs of hands nearby untangling knots it is not too safe! Whoa, pardners! Having done this work many many times, I asked the group to slow down, put the knives away, and spend two minutes trying to solve the puzzle. We did!

The majority of the rope was folded back over itself, and then entangled in the main tree in only two places. By moving the entire tree, as seen at the end of the video, we got the entire tangled mess free without any knives at all!

Next time you encoutern a knotty mess of marine debris, use your brain, and not braun, to free it and then diospose of it. Handling large and unruly marine debris can be dangerous, so play it safe and be smart.

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