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Rough seas can't stop us


Friday 7th Septemeber 2012

A quick check on the weather confirms no wind.Perfect day to take out the boat to one of Bahrains finest dive spots, Abulthama. My 5 divers are excited.I quickly brief them on boat and dive procedures with a quick reminder that its September Debris Month of Action and any debris we find while diving has to come up.

The sea is rough.The 2 hour ride there takes longer than usual and we are soaked by the time we get there.With all our tools ready, we dive down to 10 meters and visibilty is amazing. Its a nice easy drift dive. Water temperature is at 33 degrees celcius.The coral is healthy and we do not find any debris until 30 minutes into the dive. Fishing line, rope,an old boot, bits of plastic and abadoned fishing nets with lots of fish still in them. We all work together to free them and ensure none can go back in.

The dive overall is incredible and at the end of the day we are exhausted but pleased with the effort and work we put in.

A quick weigh in confirms we brought up 20 kgs of debri.s Not even the rough seas could stop us.

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