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Turtles are now hatching in Tobago


Hawksbill and Leatherback turtle eggs are now hatching in Tobago, mostly along beaches on the Caribbean Sea side of the island. The hatchlings are making their way down to the sea to head out for their ocean life before returning to same beach to lay in the future.

Hundreds have so far successfully hatching since the laying began in May. They are helped in their struggle by a fantastic charity based here in Tobago Save Our Sea Turtles (SOS) Tobago. Volunteers work tirelessly to protect these truly amazing creatures with patrols during the nesting and hatching season. They also promote conservation to the local population.

Tragically, Turtle hunting is still allowed outside the nesting/hatching season in Trinidad and Tobago. Turtle meat is considered a delicacy here (although a local diver friend of mine said he was disgusted during the last season as so much of it was about that it was being sold cheap. He saw it as an unacceptable activity to still continue here). The good news is that the Cabinet of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has already decided on a complete ban on hunting of sea turtles. This law will be put to Parliament during this month. Fingers crossed that its passed and that proper enforcement is in place to help us preserve these creatures.

More information can be found on the work of SOS at their website. Just search for SOS-Tobago in your computer search engine.

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