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Sydney Dive(Against Debris)Academy


Last weekend it was my pleasure to Dive Against Debris with club members from Sydney Dive Academy. We did our dive at Bare Island in south Sydney, a site famous for its bright sponges and weedy seadragons, though much more famous for being where they filmed the final action scenes in Mission Impossible II.

Bare Island sees many divers every day so there wasn't a lot of rubbish for us to collect. As we know most divers can't swim past rubbish without stuffing it into their BCD pocket, so the site is kept pretty clean. But for Sydney Dive Academy this was just a warm up dive to get ready for their big push in September. Now they are fully prepared to change their normal September underwater cleanup into a Dive Against Debris and join the fight to stop rubbish from entering our ocean.

We still managed to find a fair amount of junk. The usual plastic bottles and food wrappers, lots of fishing line and sinkers and a traffic cone. Plus some weird objects that remain unidentified and caused much puzzlement!

It was great diving with a group of divers so ready to turn their Saturday morning club dive into a dive for the environment. Thanks to all the Sydney Dive Academy team for making me so welcome and joining the Dive Against Debris effort!

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