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March Beach Cleanup 2013


Deep Ecology Beach Clean Up

On Sunday March 3rd, we hosted one of our beach clean ups at Jameson's Beach in Hale'iwa. We were lucky to have the help of many Mohala Farm workers who helped the shoreline team by picking up a variety of litter from dirty diapers to hundreds of ciggarette butts.

Several loyal customers and Deep Ecology crew members were able to join in and hit the water with the instructors. After about twenty minutes the larger garbage items were being pulled out of the water and onto the beach.

Two hours later, the entire group had pulled together a plethora of items such as underwater nets, an unmeasurable amount of fishing line and lead weights, a broken pair of scissors, an underwater camera, PVC pipes, plastic edging, several beer bottles and 5 tires.

Even though we were able to get so much garbage out of the water and off the beach, there is still much work to be done there. We will continue to strive to beautify Jameson's Beach so that all will be able to enjoy the treasures under the water's surface.

Many thanks to all that could join and assisted. We are so grateful for your help and we hope to see you at the next Deep Ecology Beach Cleanup!



The Staff at Deep Ecology

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