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International Coastal Cleanup 2013 at Ballast Point Pier


It was a beautiful day on September 21st, 2013.  The weather was sunny and the water was glassy.  Volunteers showed up from all over the Tampa Bay area.  After the safety brief, the divers, kayaker safety observers, and data collectors prepared to start the dive cleanup.

Divers were busy collecting all kinds of nets, fishing lines, and other marine debris.  One of the surface supervisors on the pier found a toad fish still attached to an abandoned fishing line, and called a few of the divers into the area to release the fish.  Once the toad fish was released, they went back to collecting various items, to include cell phones, fishing knives, and numerous fishing nets and weights.

Some of the most unusual items found included numerous cell phones, a bicycle, and a retractable measuring tape. But the most unusual item was a computer laptop, covered with crustaceans and stickers.

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