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500 Anti Finning Signatures


On the 5th of July Downbelow submitted our 500th physical signature to Project AWARE for their Give Sharks a Chance campaign.

It's quite amazing, once people hear about it, how passionately against the unsustainable practise of shark finning they become.

The first step to turning the tide on the systematical irradication of our oceans' shark population is awareness. 

Without awareness sharks' importance won't be known to people, nor how quickly and cruelly they are being wiped out.

But awareness is one step - without action the killing of sharks will not stop.  

This is why Project AWARE gatehers the signatures, to submit it to people in power - the governments of the day who have the power to pass legislation that can halt and reverse the decline of shark populations.

We continue to do our bit for the plight of sharks. Contribute; sign Project AWARE's shark petition.

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