Downbelow Staff Showed Commitment to Conservation

The threat to nature never stops, so we do not stop too!

Downbelow Staff Showed Commitment to Conservation

Downbelow's PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Mel showed his commitment to conservation and love to mother nature when he came back on his day off to join the Downbelow team to remove an illegal net within the areas of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Everyone at Downbelow understands the importance of removing any fishing nets as soon as possible from the bottom of the ocean. 

Dumped fishing nets or ghostnets are one of the most destructive threats to marine lives especially areas with shallow coral reefs. Ghostnets that get tangled with the reefs will trap small marine animals which will then attract its prey and they will get tangled too. This vicious cycle then starts again until the source of the problem is removed.

For Mel and the Downbelow team, it's just another day of giving something back to the ocean.