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School Students Learn About Sharks


A group of students from the Australian International School in Singapore was with Downbelow on Gaya Island over the last few days.

The group, consisting of students aged 10 & 11, were doing PADI Junior Open Water Courses and environmental awareness programs.

As part of the environmental segment of their activities, Downbelow focused on Project AWARE's Give Sharks a Change campaign.

Through the workshops, the students learned more about sharks, their role in the oceans and why sharks are in peril.

The message of shark finning was also brought home by explaining the wasteful practices behind a bit of shark's fin soup.

After hearing about Project AWARE's Give Sharks A Chance Petition the students were eager to sign up, even though, as minors, their signatures won't be used to lobby governments.

The students returned to Singapore, where we hope their awareness will spread and contribute to the change needed for sharks to have a chance.

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