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Barracuda regularly visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Park!

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is situated off the coast of mainland Kota Kinabalu City Centre and its 5 islands host amazingly diverse reefs, which is why barracuda are always swimming in its warm, tropical waters.

Barracuda regularly visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Park!

Many of our scuba diving clients are likely to spot the schools of barracuda that have made a home in certain areas of our marine park, which is great news for fish population in general!

The typical species found are sawtooth and yellowtail barracuda, and occasionally a great barracuda is spotted too!

Juveniles of the barracuda family will congregate for joint protection and are solitary in adulthood because they are very opportunistic and competitive predators.

Their diet consists of snappers, tunas, mackerel, groupers and much more!

Knowing this very simple information about the barracuda family in general, we could conclude the number of sightings of barracuda in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park indicates a growing number of other fish families, such as the numerous prey of the barracuda family. Fish species prosper successfully where the coral reefs are healthy to offer the productivity to sustain the population of all fish!

For the next PADI AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty presentation, our island team will report to our clients on the positive changes to encourage responsible scuba diving and snorkelling behaviour to maintain the positivity!