MSD's Most Rewarding Speciality

One of Downbelow's guests, Rizal, has been spending quite some time with us completing a battery of courses to achieve the Master Scuba Diver rating.

MSD's Most Rewarding Speciality

He has literally completed courses from the entire recreational spectrum of PADI Diver Education, amongst which counts various specialities.

Of all the specialities Rizal now has under his belt though, none are more rewarding than the AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality course.

Under the guidance of Downbelow's PADI IDC Staff Instructor James, Rizal studied everything shark.

By completing the AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality course, Rizal gained vital knowledge of sharks, what threatens their existence and courses of action he can get involved in to stem the tide of shrinking shark populations.

Rizal is now a qualified shark advocate, ready and able to shout out for sharks.