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Whalesharks spotted in Mussandam, Oman


Its great news to hear our divers reporting back after a great weekend of diving in the Mussandam region last week on an overnight dhow trip.

11 intrepid divers lead by PADI instructor, Rob were lucky enough to encounter several whale sharks near popular dive site "Lima Rock" and Ras Lima. It was reported they saw 5 whale sharks, with one being 10 meter in length.

As more divers gear up for the diving season in the Mussandam, we are very lucky to encounter these gentle giants in the water again. We hope to stop the local  fishermen from catching them as sometimes; sadly we see them hauling an entire whale shark trailing behind their fishing vessel. There isn't any environmental enforcement in that area except for the many divers who visit those sites.

Happy and safe diving!

Al Mahara Dive and Kayak Team

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