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2013-08-16 Sad day of diving on koh Phi Phi - Debris everywhere :(


today was a sad day of Phi Phi Diving.
whereas normally diving on Bida Nok is awesome in every way
today the divesite was filled with trash!

dozens and dozens of plastic bags and parts came floating by.
my group collected a fair deal of the plastig which included even the plastic raincoats they sell in thailand.

another team came up with batteries from the bay area!!!
these dont float so someone has dropped them there...

help also came to late for 1 needle fish
that was half dead on the bottom - (normally they swim just underneath the surface)
i opened its mouth (with my pointing stick) to see if i could tell what had injured/killed it. and it look like plastic in the back of its mount
it was still alive but nature took it's course and other underwater life starting eating it already.

a sad day for diving in phi phi.
hopefully not a lot of days will follow where these high amounts of trash will float by and will kill our beautiful underwater life.

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