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Dive Tribe have been conducting a number of surveys on Koh Sak recently which only helps to back up their mooring buoy project . A team of divers and surface support (Gwyn Mills, Dr Wayne Phillips, Tawin Kim, Michelle Perez, Paige Prescot, Mikaela Ring and Maria Andersen) went to document the corals at Koh Sak and to check on growth of healthy corals and damage caused by anchors, boats/ jetskis hitting the reefs.
The corals surprisingly are in a healthy condition and suffer very little in the way of environmental impact of the recent years such as coral bleaching.

We did see however much evidence of anchor damage across the reefs and even now there are still some dive operators that believe it is OK to tie the boat to the reefs coral heads.  

After making several dives over the weekend the data has been taken back to Mahidol University for assessment and will be available soon on our website for students that may be doing further research on the reefs in Thailand.

If you would like to get involved in our reef ecology and subsequent reef reconstruction programs please get in touch with us here 

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