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School Shark Summer Fayre


What a day! it's started off with heavy rain and just when I thought the School Fayre where I had committed to raise shark awareness would be canceled, the sun came out! Typical English weather!

So we went ahead with the fun and got ready to put our stall together ... palm trees, bunting, fishing net, inflatable shark, coloring sheets, crayons, face painting, Project AWARE tattoos, ... all was ready on time for the opening of the Fayre and before the sun changed his mind!

It was a great afternoon packed with fun activities. Kids loved it! The shark fin game was very popular. They all knew the "pin the tail on the donkey" game but had never played the shark version before and it gave me a great opportunity to chat with some of the players about shark finning and the role sharks play in our oceans.

Convincing the parents to sign the shark petition calling on policymakers to protect endangered shark species, was a lot harder though! Could sharks only friends be scuba divers ... and children? I wonder ...

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