Mad for Mantas!

Mad for Mantas!
The crew at Camel Dive Club have recorded 15 sightings of Giant manta rays (Manta Birostris) during the month of May. We are now creating our own sightings database to help us discover if we see the same individual more than once. This was initiated by Dr Andrea Marshall of Marine Mega Fauna in Mozambique, who came to stay with us last Summer. Andrea believes the mantas in Sharm el Sheikh are juveniles. 2-3 metres may sound big to you and me but Andrea is in contact with adult mantas daily which get up to 7 metres wing span! We encourage anyone who has taken photos of the belly of a manta in the Red Sea to forward their photos to and Each individual has their own markings under the gill slats which is like a fingerprint. Already we have discovered that some return each year.


I caught your link from the

I caught your link from the "Project Aware News Flash" that I received. Sounds like a noble project that I would love to be part of. However, I only have photos of the many Mantas that I have met in Thailand. But, who knows maybe some make the trip to the Red Sea... I would also like to migrate back the Sharm one day soon. It might be a good idea to have photos sent in of the bellies of past Camel Tribe staff.

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