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Go Eco Seminar - Shark Truth


Go Eco Seminar – Shark Truth

In February 2010, The Edge Diving Centre began the successful Go Eco Seminar series, an informative evening with different guests presenting local environmental topics and conservation initiatives.  With each seminar we challenged our staff and customers to make a difference in the global conservation effort and act locally to make a change. 

Claudia Li, founder of Shark Truth, was one of our first guests and provided a unique conservation idea towards shark fin soup in the Vancouver area.  “We are going to Stop the Soup.  One bowl at a time.”   Shark Truth began the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest, by encouraging couples planning a wedding not serve shark fin soup at their banquets.  The winning couple received a trip to a tropical destination with a chance to learn and swim with sharks in their natural habitat.  A culturally sensitive issue, the contest had great success and to date Shark Truth estimates 10 000 bowls of shark fin soup have been chosen not to be served at weddings!  That is about equivalent to 1000 sharks saved!

Last night Cecile, Nathan and Kevin from Shark Truth joined us again, to let us know about the newest campaign for 2012, Fin Free Vancouver!  Fin Free Vancouver is an education and awareness campaign that supports legislation to protect sharks from the shark fin trade in Vancouver!

The Edge Diving Centre has been a proud supporter of Shark Truth by donating Discover Scuba Diving experiences for auction at Shark Truth fund raising events! 

Think globally, act locally! 

Shark Truth is a not-for-profit consumer awareness group that seeks to engage consumers in a collaborative discussion to find alternatives to shark fin soup. We are dedicated to promoting awareness around the irreversibly detrimental effects of the shark finning industry by specifically working with (not against) consumers.

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