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11h of March 2013 VOTE YES to protection please!!!


The vote to get protection for sharks and rays is apparently tomorrow Monday the 11th of March 2013 Bangkok time!!!  Not too late to still get the word out to those delegates that YOU want sharks and rays to get protected.

Sharks and rays are noble animals that have existed for millions of years and have infact changed very little in the last 200 million years.  It is a shame that sharks and rays are in such peril and that blame fall squarely on to us.  We have the ability to ban trade in their products.  It is not just morally right but also economically correct.  The cost of one shark for its fins is a one time use, finite resource, worth maybe 1000 dollars.  It is no longer a living, swimming, top predator, graceful animal but a fin that gets sold one time for soup, this is of course unsastainable.  The same revenue that same shark could bring in in tourism dollars is far far greater than that finite use of its fins.  This way is sustainable morally correct and economically prudent.

Please tell CITES delegates you want them to vote to protect sharks and rays.

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