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Fl Cave County Diving.


Just got back from diving in west central FL, better know to me as Cave Country. I always look forward to going diving in the caverns and caves in that area. This trip I saw something that upset me, it may have been there before but I do not remember seeing it. In the cavern area of a few dive sites people have carved into the limestone. These carving are not from cavemen of the past as the drawings appeared to contain our modern letter. The problems did not stop there. Going into the cave system there continued to be damage done. I saw some large full hand prints and fin kicks in the floor. Cave divers are trained to work hard at maintaining environmental awareness and you go into a cave system and see obious signs of mans handywork. Areas of the caves that do not get dove on a regular basis was still in great order and enjoyable. Can not wait to get back down for my next trip, is it April yet?

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