1st Shark Conservation Diver


1st Shark Conservation Diver

Congratulations to my 1st Shark Conservation Diver - Hui Ling Peh.

Hui Ling joined Blue Guru's 2 day/1 night dive safari last month with an overnight stay in a National Park bungalow and 6 amazing dives at Richelieu Rock & Surin Islands. She made every one of these dives count!

Hui Ling completed 3 PADI eco-specialty courses with:

- 2 Shark Conservation dives at Richelieu Rock on the 1st morning;

- 2 Turtle Awareness dives at Surin Islands in the afternoon & early morning dive; 

- 2 Whale Shark dives at Richelieu Rock on the 2nd day.

Hui Ling is a Divemaster from Singapore who will hopefully be successful encouraging all her family, friends & colleagues to stop eating shark fin soup. I have already been told of one good news story - a major hotel in Singapore has taken shark fin soup off all their restaurant menus this year ... hopefully leading the way for others to follow ...