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Beach Clean Up 19th March 2012


As the season starts to wind down in Koh Lanta, we are finding that we have a little more time on our hands to think about the more important things - like looking after our environment.


Our dive centre is located in Saladan village, and we have a pier that overlooks the water. We can see here day after day rubbish washing up, so we decided that we needed to do a bit more than our usual tidying - we needed to organise a beach clean up!


We are very lucky to have a team of staff who share our desire to keep our waters clean. We were even luckier to recruit some local children to help us and add to the fun.


We were able to spend some time on the beach at low tide, collecting the rubbish that has been washed up. As usual, there were some strange items but all in all, the afternoon was a huge success.


The lesson for everyone - you don't need to arrange a big organised event. Just grab a few friends, have a little fun and do some good.


And remember - It's time to explore!

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