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Beach and Reef Clean ups Gili Islands

Oceans 5 dive resort organizes every week a beach and reef clean up in the Harbor of Gili Air in front op their dive shop. Oceans 5 makes their Divemaster Trainees more aware of their dive environment by letting them organize this weekly event as part of their divemaster Program

Beach and Reef Clean ups Gili Islands

The divemaster trainees have to make or find a map of the dive site, have to make teams, tell everyone what to take out of the water and what not, have to show the instructor a good buoyancy even with a bag full of rubbish, debrief and more. At the end there will be a picture taken with all participants and the collected rubbish.   This week Jezz, Peter, Kristin, Celia and Dan were organizing the event. In total 16 divers joined the underwater clean up. The result was 10 bags of rubbish. Thank you divemaster trainees and everyone who helped to make the ocean cleaner. Without an ocean there is no future! For more information: info@oceans5dive.com


Awesome to have your

Awesome to have your continued support to Dive Against Debris - keeping the ocean beautiful and clean :)

2 years ago